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~ by terrificwhistlers on June 7, 2007.

10 Responses to “Hello world!”

  1. is this your first proper comment? how cool! nice post erin. we will ahve to talk plants some time. i too have the touch of death when it comes to greenery. when we moved into our house one of the trees immediately died. A TREE! i love flowers but i cannot do pot plants. even if i follow the instructions to the letter they still die as soon as i look at them. i am the gorgon of pot plants. there is a dead one in the kitchen right now that i will have to hide from my mother tomorrow…

    welcome to the blogosphere missy!

  2. Oh, I do think a terrific whistle from your direction will become a regular check-in site for me. Lovely piece, my dear. Nice length, humorous yet poignant reflection: really worth reading. Thank you!

  3. whats this fiance talk, howcome i have to read about it in a blog. i love you, beeuuteeful blog, i am so proud of you, what
    speaks to me is the loving part, sometimes i think people dont understand how i can love my kids when they keep screwing up. anyway holla at a sister sometimes

  4. or better yet how they can love me when i keep screwing up

  5. I was once the angel of death for plants and then my husband decided that produce was getting too costly. So he tilled up a small bit of the side yard and planted some seeds! The first year was more about learning that harvesting. We learned I can’t grow lettuce! But squash…now that was something I would have to really try hard to kill. Where I once was scared for those poor plants if I so much as look at them, I know now that I can actually cultivate food for my family! Thanks Erin!

  6. I love this piece and I love you!

  7. Gareth and I are were talking about growing our own food too and I’m aiming for failsafe plants like squash and cucumber and maybe some mint. Maybe I should plant some trees. I just noticed that we had a potted tree in our house that we have never watered in the six months that we’ve been here. As long as plants can’t be killed, I’m down with the cultivation.

  8. What a coincidence to find your blog so near its beginning! the_red_shoes quoted the Salinger piece without attribution, so I searched on “terrific whistlers”…

  9. That link doesn’t work–it’s http://the-red-shoes.livejournal.com/

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